Direct online payday loan -Easy money for you via direct payday lenders online

Easy money for you via direct payday lenders online

Online payday loans direct lenders as notes are a service that has gradually gained strength as an alternative to traditional ones, not only in Colombia but throughout the world. Its ease when requesting them, the quick response time, the comfortable amounts they handle and their security, has caused these types of credit to become very popular in an audience that increasingly has better and easier access to new technologies.

Being a relatively new service, you may have several doubts about them, both for their safety, as the costs of requesting or the speed of the service; Given this, from Mr. Jumble, your leading online loan company, we want to answer some questions you may have.

7 very common questions when applying for loans online.

Are online loans safe?

Yes , online loans have been established as one of the most secure virtual processes at the moment, both at the time of your request and in your disbursement or at the time of payment, before this, when you are applying for your loan or any other virtual procedure you can be in total confidence about the security of your information and money.

When applying for your loan online, it is important that you verify that the entity where you request it is duly registered in the Chamber of Commerce. You should also know which are the various entities that control it (In Colombia they are the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce or the financial one) and check that the page has all the digital protection measures.

What interest rate do I charge for the loan?

As with traditional lending entities, online platforms also have an independent interest rate adjusted to the financial regulations of each country, as well as the collection of insurance and an administrative charge. It is important to emphasize that in online loans additional charges are generated for the management of the technology platform. Before making your request, you must be clear about all the values ​​that will be charged with the credit, remember that the entity that grants you the loan is obliged to inform you about them.

What requirements do you ask me to apply for the loan?

The requirements to apply for the loan may vary from entity to entity, but as it is an online procedure, you will generally be asked to meet the following requirements:

  • Email.
  • Contact cell number
  • Bank account.
  • Be of age.
  • Reside in the country where the entity works.

Is it necessary to approach an office?

No , the main advantage of online credits is that they are online, so you should not go to any office to carry out any procedure.

How long does it take to respond?

Another advantage of online loans is its quick response on the status of your application, which is approximately 15 minutes after you have completed the form.

Keep in mind

The response to the loan application is independent of the money disbursement process, which is determined by the additional procedures that the entity must perform, as well as with the other processes carried out by the banking entities.

Do you need to have a financial history to apply for a loan online?

No , online loans stand out for being a very easy way to enter the credit world and create a financial history, giving people with no financial or little profile the opportunity to apply for small amounts of money.

Where can I apply for a loan online?

For your loan applications online we want to invite you to meet Mr. Jumble, we are the leading online financial services platform for people throughout Colombia.

Remember that here at Mr. Jumble, we are always willing to offer you the best online loan service; and to enjoy them we invite you to enter our Mr. Jumble website; there you can request your credit for what you need.

With Mr. Jumble you can request credit quotas ranging from $ 150,000 to $ 900,000, but remember that if it is the first time you make an application with us, the maximum amount you can get is $ 510,000.

The term to cancel a loan with Mr. Jumble is a maximum of 30 days, at the end of which you must pay the total value in a single installment. If you want to apply for a loan with us, just click on “ Request your credit ” and you can start your process, and in only 15 minutes you will have an answer to your request.

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