Up to € 500 free on your first credit.

Although many believe that it will never be their turn, the truth is that applying for a quick small-loan is an online financing option that has solved the financial problems of many families in these years of crisis and Gare Comp has been one of the platforms Featured to get it. Up to 1,000 euros in just minutes!

Advantages of requesting a small-loan in Gare Comp

Advantages of requesting a mini-loan in Gare Comp

There are many very valid online companies to apply for a quick loan, but Hello Money is perfect when urgent money is needed in small amounts, whether to pay a debt, a master’s ticket or to bail a new rental apartment to which You come to live soon. The advantages of Gare Comp are many.

Safe and legal lender

The Gare Comp platform is completely safe and legal, since it is owned by the company Gare Comp Finance, whose registered office is in the middle of the Ronda de Atocha de Madrid. And precisely this entity will be the lender in case you decide to apply for a small-loan in Gare Comp.

They are very fast

It is not a phrase to attract customers who need money urgently, it is that they really offer fast small-credits online.

In a traditional bank your application could be pending approval for more than two weeks and even extended several months. In Gare Comp, the approval and income of the money will take place in just a few minutes.

Payroll Loans

It is not necessary to have a payroll to request a personal small-loan in Gare Comp, but it will be necessary to have some kind of justifiable income that guarantees the repayment of the credit on the due date.

Financial Credit Institutions small-credits

Gare Comp offers loans with Financial Credit Institutions with one condition and it is that the borrower does not have previous financial debts or is inscribed in a gold file as a cause of default on a previous loan or financing)

No additional expenses or paperwork

The small-credits of 500 euros or lower amounts will not have any additional cost or fees. And without paperwork!

This option is not usually found in other independent financial institutions that offer urgent loans online. Normally, interest is added, but in the case of HolaDinero this only takes place in small-credits of more than 500 euros, which are the ones that can be requested the second time money is requested on the platform. That is, the first loan requested in Gare Comp will have no additional cost in the form of fees.

How to request a small-loan in Gare Comp step by step

How to request a mini-loan in Gare Comp step by step

Applying for a personal loan in Gare Comp is easy and fast thanks to its online platform, one of the simplest for anyone with smallmal navigation skills.

Basically, it is about registering on the platform with an email and a password and from there make the loan application.

Requirements for access to small-credits Hi Money

To apply for a quick small-loan in Gare Comp and have it approved, you will need to meet a series of requirements as a borrower : 

  • Be over 21 years old and under 75 years old.
  • Be a Spanish resident.
  • Not appear registered in Financial Credit Institutions or other delinquent files with a debt incurred by a previous financial loan. Beware of this because Gare Comp does approve small-loans with Financial Credit Institutions, but as long as it is not a financial debt derived from financing.
  • Be the owner of a bank account in Spain.
  • Have email.
  • Credit a monthly income that guarantees the repayment of the small-loan (payroll, subsidies, benefits, pension or other)

Fill in the application form

You, as applicant for the small-loan, will have to fill in the loan application that you will find on the lender’s own website www.holadinero.es

In general, the following personal information must be provided: name, surname, date of birth, DNI or NIE, address, amount of the loan to be requested, duration, checking account number, email and mobile phone number.

Hello Money may request a copy of your personal identification or current account property to ensure the security of the operation.

This is the point where you will have to confirm how much money you need and in what period you want to make the return. If it is your first request, you can request between 50 and 500 euros and in the subsequent ones you will have access to small-credits of up to 1,000 euros.

Whatever the amount of money requested, you can see the costs associated with the operation in the simulator or calculator on the homepage of Gare Comp

Terms of the small-loan: income, duration, interest, default and return

Once the loan application has been sent through the Gare Comp platform, in which you must first register to be able to send the application, you will receive a very quick response that sometimes takes place in just minutes.

If your application is approved, you will receive the money by bank transfer, directly in the current account number that you have revealed in the application.

The duration of the loan can be extended up to 61 days (smallmum repayment term. The costs associated with the personal loans of Gare Comp should not worry if you are going to apply for less than 500 euros and it is your first loan because then the fees that will be charged will be 0 euros Yes, you read it right: 0 euros interest.

However, if the requested amount exceeds 500 euros or if it is your second loan from that figure, the final amount to be repaid will be calculated based on a maximum APR (APR) of 1698%.

Thus, for example, if you request 1,000 euros to be returned in 61 days, you will have an associated cost of 650 euros, so the amount that you will have to return on the date of termination of the loan contract will be 1650 euros.

Return of the small-loan Gare Comp

The repayment of the amount borrowed by Gare Comp must be made by the borrower on the exact date previously agreed upon when making the request for the small-loan.

Said repayment will add interest and fees, if any, and must be made through a bank transfer to the current account of the lender (important that you do not forget to place the reference of your loan so that Gare Comp can detect that this repayment of loan is associated with you)

In addition, Gare Comp allows the possibility of advancing the repayment of the loan in case the borrower can make it, that is, the early repayment of the loan is possible. Of course, you may be charged a compensation fee that may not exceed 0.5% of the requested amount.

If, on the day of expiration, you had not been able to collect the amount to be returned, you can make a loan extension of a maximum of 30 days, with prior notice to the entity. The cost associated with this extension can be calculated from the data you will find in the particular conditions of your loan.

In the event that, on the day of the loan repayment, you had not previously notified of the need to incorporate the extension and the non-payment occurs, Gare Comp will have the right to add the amount to return a penalty for default that may be up to 1 Daily% calculated on the amount of the debt.

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